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Undergraduate Studies

The printmaking area at Washington State University integrates traditional practices with contemporary processes, offering diverse avenues of exploration in print media. The courses introduce students to the basic processes, concepts and histories of printmaking and the context in which it operates. As a medium that shares common ground with drawing, painting, photography and digital media, the printmaking area fosters diversity and experimentation. Students focusing in the printmaking area will gain technical proficiency in a variety of processes, while developing their own personal ideas and esthetics in light of contemporary issues and practices.

The following courses are recommended for students interested in a printmaking emphasis:

FA 370: Printmaking
FA 371: Screenprinting
FA 471: Intermediate & Advanced Printmaking (2 Semesters/6 Credits)
FA 499: Special Projects

And 1 of the following courses:
FA 312: Advanced Drawing
FA 381: Black & White Photography
FA 332: Intro to Digital Media

Graduate Studies

The Printmaking Area is currently seeking MFA applicants working in all areas of print media, particularly lithography, screenprinting, and/or digital processes. Emphasis is placed on conceptual development within a multi-disciplinary program. Students are asked to consider the role of prints and multiples with the fine arts and the culture at large and the significance print media holds within their personal development. Applicants will be considered for scholarships and teaching assistant positions to help maintain the printmaking area and teach in the Fine Arts Department based upon the quality of application. Studies in printmaking at the graduate level are also augmented by visiting artists in print media and print collaborations with visiting artists.


The printmaking studios at WSU have been designed to provide a professional facility for explorations in print media at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The printmaking area has one room devoted to lithography, relief, intaglio, and associated processes and another exclusively for screenprinting. In addition, there is also a photo-processes room with a washout booth, pressure washer and exposure unit and an acid and grounds room, totaling 2700 square feet of combined space. All rooms are vented for safe use of materials with the addition of pull-down vents and a downdraft worktable in the lithography and etching area. The printmaking area also accesses the digital media lab for medium format ink-jet printing and film generation.


Takach Litho Press 34” x 60” (30” x 40” Plate Block)
Takach Litho Press 34” x 60"
Takach Etching Press 34” x 60”
Brand Etching Press 12” x 24”
Showcard Press 22” x 28”
One-Arm Screen Printing Press for screens up to 60” x 45”
Manual Screenprinting Vacuum Table, 30” x 40”
Amergraph AdVantage 150 31” x 41” Halide Exposure Unit
Litho stones up to 22” x 30”
Vertical Etching Tanks up to 18” x 24”, Trays up to 22” x 26”
Grabbit Roller and Large Diameter Rollers
Aquatint Box for plates up to 18” x 24”


Kevin Haas

(Currently on leave for 2014-2015)
Printmaking Coordinator
T: (509) 335-8686
Office: Room 706

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